Authentic Thai Basil Minced Pork (Pad Kra Pao Moo Saap)

Thai basil minced pork, or ‘pad kra pao moo saap’ (ผัดกะเพราหมูสับ) , is one of the most famous of all Thai dishes – and for good reason. Minced pork is…

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Easy Chinese Sesame Paste Recipe (Zhi Ma Jiang, 芝麻酱)

Chinese sesame paste, or zhi ma jiang (芝麻酱) is a rich, nutty and aromatic paste made from heavily roasted and ground white sesame seeds.  It is used as an ingredient…

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The Best Red Pepper and Chilli Jam

Red pepper and chilli jam is the sweet, sour and spicy condiment that you didn’t think you needed until you try it – then you’ll start having it with everything! …

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‘Puttanesca Peppers’ – my go-to Italian roasted peppers recipe

I want to share this simple but delicious Italian roasted peppers recipe, a classic in ‘British’ home-cooking history, because I have turned to it more than any other recipe I…

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The Best Homemade Nduja Mayo Recipe

If you enjoy flavouring mayonnaise like me, then this nduja mayo recipe might become your new obsession for the next few months. Nduja is a chilli-sausage paste that comes specifically…

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Buttery Baked Mediterranean Rice Recipe with, garlic dill, lemon and feta

Have you ever thought about baking rice? If not, then this Mediterranean rice recipe will change the way you think about cooking basmati rice forever. Instead of just boiling it…

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10-minute authentic Taiwanese cold noodles recipe

Taiwanese cold noodles, or liang mian (涼麵) is a simple but delicious meal that is served all across Taiwan. Don’t confuse simple for unsatisfying however; this hearty bowl of noodles…

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Magnificent Taiwanese Sesame Noodles – What to eat in Taitung (if you’re starving)

If you come to Taiwan and are in need of some comfort food, then you can’t go wrong by ordering a steaming bowl of Taiwanese sesame noodles. ‘Ma jiang mian’,…

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